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Best Lockdown Paris Photos 🥐

Posted by Karol on  7 May 2020

Category: Photography
In this article, I present a slightly sad photos of Paris. The subject of my photographs is Paris and its deserted streets. Pictures were taken with my beloved Fujifilm X-T20 camera. I decided to add a bit of noise to the photos to give them a dramatic atmosphere. My photo report has been recognized by Vogue magazine. You can view the publication here (in Polish). On my Instagram profile you can check out the new
Lightroom presets for mobile

Lightroom presets for mobile up to 3$ 💸

Posted by Karol on  4 May 2020

Category: Photography
Lightroom presets for mobile (in my opinion) is one of the best ways to edit photos in seconds. Presets (filters) are ready-made sets of settings that you use to edit photos in Adobe Lightroom (available in the free mobile version). Professional photographers create their own presets, or buy ready ones. Preset prices range from a few to even several hundred dollars! Below you will find my recommendation of beautiful presets under $3! HOW TO INSTALL

Night and the City (Best IG Photos) 🌃

Posted by Karol on  4 May 2020

Category: Photography
Night and the City- this phrase describes one of my favorite types of photos. I was testing different techniques and lenses to get the best final effect in low light. Finally, I’ve decided to take pictures with high ISO value, to emphasize noise. In my opinion it gives night photos an interesting vintage atmosphere! Before I hit the town with my camera, I’m always looking for inspiration on Instagram. Below you will find the most

Home outfits ideas (in lockdown era) 👗

Posted by Tayssir on  4 May 2020

Category: Fashion
To wear or not to wear is the question 🤔 . For a little over a month, the lifestyle of French people has been turned upside down. Confined to try to control the spread of Covid-19 in the country, they had to adapt to the current circumstances, even their way of choosing home outfits, especially those who telecommute. What home outfit for the day? For some, there is no question of changing habits. Better yet,

Best Home DIY Projects ❤️

Posted by Tayssir on  27 April 2020

Category: Home & Living
Why not small HOME DIY projects that you left lying around for a while? During this confinement, your free time can be used for DIY that has been waiting for several months! Refresh the painting of the rooms, take care of the garden, and decorate the terrace. Before, you always have excuses to delay work. But now, you should take advantage of these few weeks to do this work and why not give your interior



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