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Hello Legends!

We are Karol and Nikos

We met by accident. At the car. I opened the trunk
-Do you take photos?
Karol asked me looking at the lamp stands.
-I film more.
I answered slightly surprised
-Dude, it is you that I need, because I take pictures and I’m constantly asked about films.

And so our cooperation began. Two enthusiasts looking at the world through the lens. One closes it in the frame, the other records it. One from Gdansk, the other from Ketrzyn. They met half way… in Warsaw, but they both claim to be citizens of the world.

But enough about us, let’s talk about you, because it is you that interests us, your emotions and stories. We want to show your day as it really is. We believe that every photo and every frame should speak. Tell us your story and we will take care of the rest!


Photo stories

Carolina & Patryk

Ada & Hubert

Karolina & Tomek

Julia & Vasyl


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Everything you need to know!

Of course we do! We live in Warsaw, which is a great base to travel abroad. We do photo and video shoots with clients from all over Europe (what we love a looot!) 

Our offer includes the work of a videographer and photographer. We will accompany you from the beginning of the wedding day until 1-2 pm. We will capture the most interesting moments during your preparations, vows and wedding party 🙂 Price includes also a mini wedding session with family and guests at sunset during the wedding party. 

  • Your image collection of 500-700 images.
  • Video clip of 5 minutes with the best moments of the wedding + 30-60 minutes of recording.
  • Both video and photos will undergo retouching and color correction. We will try to provide the most natural look possible.
  • Materials transferred on a memory stick with an individual engraving + online drive link

Don’t worry. We know from experience that no one knows how to act in front of the camera. During your special day we will try to capture as natural moments as possible, which are the carrier of emotions. If necessary, we will instruct you how to “pose” to make the photos and recordings even more unique. 

We appear in the most desired moments capturing what others do not see. This doesn’t mean that we are unnoticeable. We will remind you to hydrate and try the best snacks. We will also support you in keeping track of your wedding timeline. Sounds good huh?  😉

Let's create some magic!

KAROL Wójcik & NIKOS Kotowicz

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