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What is a Lifestyle Photo Session in Paris?

Lifestyle photo sessions in Paris have become increasingly popular in recent years. If you’re thinking about booking a session, you might be wondering what they are and what to expect. A lifestyle photo session is a photography session that captures you and your family in a more natural setting, rather than a posed and staged environment. The goal is to capture your everyday life and moments, and to create beautiful photos that you can look back on and cherish for years to come. If you’re interested in booking a lifestyle photo session in Paris, keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

Who can take part in a Session?

Who can take part in a lifestyle photo session? The answer is: anyone! Whether you speak Spanish or English, whether you live in the city or the country, whether you’re young or old – lifestyle photo sessions are for everyone. Since this kind of a session is about natural emotions, you don’t need to have any experience. I will take care of you and explain every stage of a session.
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Ideas for a Lifestyle Photo Session in Paris.

A lifestyle session can be done in many different ways. Especially in beautiful Paris. Before the session, it is worth looking for inspiration in the photos that interest you the most. I recommend using Pinterest. Or you can visit this instagram profile which is full of galleries of Parisian photos.

Here is a set of ideas for a unique lifestyle session in Paris:

  • Parisian picnic on the river Siena or the fields of March with a view of the Eiffel Tower
  • a stylized session in a local cafe
  • a majestic rooftop session overlooking the skyline of Paris
  • a classic among the romantic streets of Monmartre’s artist district

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What to wear for a photo shoot in Paris?

Lifestyle photo shoot in Paris is usually casual and relaxed, so the clothes should reflect that. Remember that you must be yourself and feel comfortable!

You have no idea for styling? Use the help of my stylist here.

Basic advice: if possible avoid stripes & checked patterns. If you want to wear heeled shoes consider bringing a second pair of shoes to move between photo locations. Avoid dark clothing during night sessions.

Remember that you can always consult me about choosing the right styling. I will be happy to help!

I want photos in a dress but it’s cold outside! What now?

Choose the best styling and just bring a jacket to wear between photos. Don’t forget to bring warm accessories (hat, gloves, scarf).

How to book a Lifestyle Session in 3 steps?



Visit my Instagram profile & Lifestyle Galleries. Combine the best ideas for your dreamy, Parisian Photo Session.



Check out my Ultimate Location Guide & choose the best location for our unique Lifestyle Session. 



Choose photo shoot duration (30,60,90min) and book available dates. BOOK NOW!



Stages of a lifestyle photo session

  • We start with a short telephone interview. I need to know your expectations and needs regarding the final result. This will allow us to plan the entire photo session.
  • The next step is to choose a location for the session We can take lifestyle photos in fancy city locations, in your  apartment or in a professional photo studio. You will receive a full set of location suggestions from me. 
  • Choosing the right styles is essential. It is important that your outfit is consistent with the location where we will be taking photos. You can count on my full support in choosing the right sets of clothes.
  • We meet 10 minutes before the session to discuss the shooting plan.
  • This is your first session? No problem. During the shooting, you will receive full support from me in the field of posing so that the final effect exceeds your expectations. I will also present you with unique inspirations from other lifestyle sessions.
  • Up to three days after the photo shoot, you will receive the previews of original photos from our session. 
  • Over the next 7 days, the photos you choose will undergo professional retouching and color correction.
  • Photos from the session will be sent to you via the download link.

Why to choose me?

Understanding of light

When taking pictures, I draw my attention to the right choice of light. It is the lighting that exposes our hero of the session - you. What's more, I have professional, portable lighting which will brighten up any conditions.

Body language

Adequate body language is an important carrier of information. During the session, you will receive a number of posing tips to make you look as professional as possible in the photos.


I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clients all around the Europe. My comprehensive experience will allow us to create powerful, natural looking photos.


I'm aware that the right atmosphere during the session translates into the final effect of the photos. I guarantee that our session will run in a friendly mood and you will feel comfortable!

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Social media photo shoot 📸

Do you need photos on social media but you have no idea for a session? No problem! Every day I work with comprehensive photo sessions. What does it mean? During our meeting, we take photos in at least 5 different mini locations that have a completely different appearance. What’s more, during the session we will use 5 different outfits that will work with the given locations. As a result, we will create a universal set of portrait and lifestyle photos for your social media profiles.

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Let's have a lifestyle shoot in Paris!

Lifestyle is a type of photography that combines the features of a portrait and a reportage. The purpose of the session is to show natural emotions and moments from everyday life. Currently, lifestyle photography is gaining popularity day by day. A perfect example of lifestyle sessions are content published by many influencers. They use this type of photographic image to subtly show their lives and promote products of various brands at the same time.

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