Couple photo session in Paris

What is a couple photo shoot?

There is no better place for a romantic photo shoot than Paris! Couple photo shoot is a celebration of love and capturing the most beautiful moments. At THECREATIVE.SITE , I take photo shoots in many variations: classic couple shoots, engagement shoots, honeymoon shoots, styled couple shoots and many more.

Couple photo shoot ideas

There are plenty of ways to accomplish a couples photo shoot in Paris. The most interesting idea is to take a walk, during which we visit the romantic places. Many clients also opt for a photo session during aesthetic picnics next to the Siena River or the March fields overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Another interesting idea is a photo session in a romantic local cafe or restaurant. Regardless of the location, you can be sure that I will capture only real emotions and your love in the photos! 

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Working with Karol was a pleasure! Nice, funny, and most of all professional😄 I love meeting people full of passion and dreams, and he is just like that!

I highly recommend Karol as a photographer who will do a professional session, but also as a very nice person. He is open to many projects. A thousand ideas per second making a session with him an adventure worth experiencing! I have already worked with many photographers, while Karol certainly stands out among them 🚀🔥✨ energy, ingenuity and creativity is something you can confidently boast of Karol ♥️ recommend!!!!

Working with Karol is a pleasure – he is characterized not only by his professional approach, but also by his open-mindedness, extraordinary creativity and ease of contact during the session, which will certainly be an ease for those who feel stressed in the first minutes.



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