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  • Over the past 4 years, I have completed more than 1,000 sessions for clients in Paris, New York, Milan or London.
  • My photos have been used for the creation of many fashion brands and currently form the basis of online stores
  • Vogue magazine has recognized and published my work
  • I gained my comprehensive experience by working in many photography sectors and photo studios

posing guidelines

I will direct you (or your models) how to pose to expose the product and show it from the best perspective. Moreover, I am very communicative and positive. Working with me is very easy and fun!


I always work with the highest quality equipment. Currently, I shoot sessions with the latest Sony a7IV camera with Sigma lens system. My photos can be used both for family albums and huge billboards in NYC. At your service.

PROFESSIONAL postproduction

Each photo undergoes individual, complex editing. Starting with light adjustment, through geometry and selective color correction. The software I use is based on an artificial intelligence engine.

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