I'm convinced that every woman dreams of a fashionable glamour session. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a beautiful gown, walking in sunset Paris. It's an image from a romantic movie right? If you are reading this post you are already one step away from an amazing fashion glamor session in Paris!

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I’m convinced that every woman dreams of a fashionable Paris glamour photo session. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a beautiful gown, walking in sunset Paris. It’s an image from a romantic movie right? If you are reading this post you are already one step away from an amazing fashion glamor session in Paris!

Remember that you don’t have to be a model or own expensive dresses. All you need is a little willingness to create a magical glamor session in Paris. I’ll take care of the rest. Read this article and find out how to become the heroine of a magical photo shoot in the city of love ❤️

What is the best time for a glamour photo session in Paris?

Choosing the right time for a photo session is incredibly important. The session can be scheduled individually or tailored to your visit to Paris. Once we know the exact date of the photo session, we now need to choose the right time of day. As a photographer in Paris, I always discuss the expectations of my clients as to the final result and then together we choose the best time. There are many factors that go into choosing the hours of a Glamour Photo Shoot. We must remember that Paris is a crowded city. The best idea is early glamour sessions (before 8:00am) or evening sessions (after 8:00pm). However, this is not a rigid rule. For example, the photo below was taken during the rush hour on one of the fashionable streets in Paris.



Glamour Photo Session Paris

How to choose outfits for a glamour photo shoot?

The right styling should accentuate your beauty and match the location where the photo shoot will take place. After all, a glamour session in Paris is a unique event that may not happen again. Think about the nature of the photos you are interested in. Remember that a glamour session in Paris does not oblige you to wear a gown with a million sequins. You can also wear a classic French Chanel-style jacket or a minimalist sweater! Regardless of which style you prefer, I recommend that you start by gathering inspiration from the Internet. Use Pinterest for this, which is full of amazing ideas. Also visit my instagram profile, where you can find photos from my glamour sessions in Paris.

If you don’t have a styling idea, you can always use the help of professionals. Paris is a fashion city, so you can easily find a stylist to help you. You can also book a glamorous photo shoot with a stylist.

Glamour Solo Photo Session in Paris
Different Outfit Ideas For a Glamour Photo Session

What are the best locations for a glamour session in Paris?

We already know that Paris is the most romantic city in the entire universe and also the best place for a Glamour Photo Session. Despite the fact that every corner of this city is amazing, I managed to create a list of the top three locations that would be perfect for a Glamour Fashion Shoot.

1) Place Vendôme

Place Vendôme is one of my favorite places in Paris. This medium-sized square is home to the most luxurious jewelry boutiques. The amazing storefronts create the perfect backdrop for a glamour photo shoot.

Place Vendome. Source:

2) Opéra Garnier

This majestic building in the heart of Paris impresses with its amazing architecture. The majestic staircase, massive columns and elaborate decorations of the edifice will be perfect for a Glamour Fashion Session.

Glamour Photo Shoot Paris
L’Opéra Garnier © Getty – TARDY HervŽ

3) Eiffel Tower – Avenue de Camoens

This small street away from the crowds is just stunning! Unique townhouses on both sides of the road lead to a beautiful balcony with an amazing view! It is the perfect place for a Glamour Eiffel Tower Photo Session.


How much does a glamour session in Paris cost?

Prices for a fashion photo shoot and glamour photo shoot in Paris depend mainly on the experience of the photographer. Beginner photographers offer their services very cheap , even for 35-40 euros per hour. This price is usually reflected in the low quality of the photos. 

A typical tourist session with a Parisian photographer with experience ranges from 120 to 250 euros per hour (based on listings on sites like Trip Advisor). 

It’s not worth saving a few dozen euros at the risk of an unprofessional session. Remember that the price of a photo session in Paris goes hand in hand with the experience of the photographer and the equipment he uses. 

When choosing a photographer in Paris, also pay attention to whether the photos are retouched and how much material you will receive. Professional post-production plays a huge role! All breathtaking photos from Paris go through complex and time-consuming post-production!

My offer is based on an in-depth analysis of offers from several hundred photographers in Paris. My price is an averaged market price. I do my photo shoots in Paris using a professional Sony camera, which I regularly upgrade with new Sigma lenses. What’s more, my photos go through professional post-production. 

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