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Stages of a fashion photo session

  • We start with a short telephone interview. I need to know your expectations and needs regarding the final result. This will allow us to plan the entire photo session.
  • The next step is to choose a location for the session. We can take fashion photos both outdoors and in the studio. You will receive a full set of location suggestions from me. 
  • We meet 10 minutes before the session to discuss the shooting plan.
  • This is your first session? No problem. During the shooting, you will receive full support from me in the field of posing so that the final effect exceeds your expectations. I will also present you with unique inspirations from other fashion sessions.
  • Up to three days after the photo shoot, you will receive the previews of original photos from our session. 
  • Over the next 7 days, the photos you choose will undergo professional retouching and color correction.
  • Photos from the session will be sent to you via the download link.

Why me?

Understanding of light

When taking pictures, I draw my attention to the right choice of light. It is extremely important, especially during fashion photography. What's more, I have professional, portable lighting which will brighten up any conditions.

Body language

Adequate body language is an important carrier of information. During the session, my models receive a number of posing tips to make the final effect look even more professional.


I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clients from various industries and countries. My comprehensive experience will allow us to create powerful, natural looking photos.


I'm aware that the right atmosphere during the session translates into the final effect of the photos. I guarantee that our session will run in a friendly mood and you will feel comfortable!

Karol Wójcik




Comprehensive organization of fashion sessions

I’m aware that a good fashion session is quite a challenge. Its organization requires the selection of appropriate models, make-up artists and stylists. Added to this is the selection of a photo studio and writing a photo plan.


In THECREATIVE.SITE I deal with the comprehensive organization of fashion sessions. You can count on my support in the field of:

happy clients only


Working with Karol was a pleasure! Nice, funny, and most of all professional😄 I love meeting people full of passion and dreams, and he is just like that!

I highly recommend Karol as a photographer who will do a professional session, but also as a very nice person. He is open to many projects. A thousand ideas per second making a session with him an adventure worth experiencing! I have already worked with many photographers, while Karol certainly stands out among them 🚀🔥✨ energy, ingenuity and creativity is something you can confidently boast of Karol ♥️ recommend!!!!

Working with Karol is a pleasure – he is characterized not only by his professional approach, but also by his open-mindedness, extraordinary creativity and ease of contact during the session, which will certainly be an ease for those who feel stressed in the first minutes.

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