Before photo shoot

First of all, thanks a lot for booking a photo shoot with me! I’m sure that it will be a lovely experience for you 馃檪

Please take a look at this page & get inspired! You will find here many galleries from my previous sessions. What is more I’m presenting some tips regarding styling and best locations for a Parisian photo shoot.  



Detailing an idea for a photo shoot is not an easy task. Do you prefer daytime or after-dark photos? In a lifestyle climate or maybe slightly fashionable? Take a look at my photo galleries from Paris and get inspired!



The right clothing for a photo shoot is incredibly important. After all, you want the final result to be the best possible. For typical Paris shoots, I recommend clients to look for inspiration on Pinterest or on my Instagram profile and then put together their outfit. Remember to do it wisely! You also need to feel comfortable during our session 馃檪

Basic advice: if possible avoid stripes & checked patterns. If you want to wear heeled shoes consider bringing a second pair of shoes to move between photo locations. Avoid dark clothing during night sessions.

Remember that you can always consult me about choosing the right styling. I will be happy to help!

I want photos in a dress but it鈥檚 cold outside! What now?

Choose the best styling and just bring a jacket to wear between photos. Don鈥檛 forget to bring warm accessories (hat, gloves, scarf)



Every street in Paris delights with its beauty. Choosing the right location for a photo shoot is really a challenge! To make the choice easier I have prepared “Best Paris Photo Locations Guide” .
Remember that the session can also be done in another place of your choice.


Need extra photos?


I work with the highest quality equipment, thanks to which my original photos represent amazing quality and magical colors.

Why it’s worth buying?

  • More memories! You will receive 150+ photos (from 30min session), 250+ (from 60 min session) & 350!! + photos (from 90 min session).聽
  • You will receive the original photos the same day, so you can post them right after the session.聽
  • Laugh to tears with funny backstage pictures.聽


Of course you can! It is even advisable. The number of outfits depends on the length of the photo session. For standard 1H photo shoots, I recommend preparing 1-2 outfits.

Where will I be able to change outfits?

During a shoot with a larger number of stylings, we plan to stop at the restaurant or cafe. We order something to drink on the spot and continue the session there. Indoor photos are a very interesting complement to the photo shoot. I know plenty of interesting locations in Paris that will delight you with their decor 馃檪

Remember that you can always bring outerwear to change even on the street (jacket, sweatshirt, sweaters, accessories). Take as many of them as you can carry 馃檪

Summers in Paris are short, pleasant and partly cloudy, while winters are quite cool and usually cloudy. Throughout the year, the temperature usually ranges from 2掳C to 25掳C.

My two basic rules:

  1. Paris is beautiful in any weather 馃檪
  2. There is no bad weather. There is only bad clothing 馃檪

When planning photo shoots, we rely on forecasts, which usually come true. If it is supposed to rain during your session, we will simply reschedule or cancel it and you will receive a 100% refund of the cost.

Remember that light drizzle also has its advantages – the city becomes less crowded. What’s more, we can also use the rain for a romantic Parisian Umbrella session 馃檪

Of course! Most of my clients have no experience posing in front of the lens. My job is to make the photos exceed your wildest expectations. During the session, I will personally show you fashionable poses. I will provide inspiration and set you up for each photo. What’s more, you will be able to watch the effect of our work on an ongoing basis and make your comments 馃檪

Thanks for subscribing!

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