VSCO Filters (best DIY ideas) 🔥

Many beginner photographers forget about retouching and processing their photos. Regardless of whether we take a photo with a professional camera or a smartphone, it is worth spending a few minutes to process our pictures. For beginners, I would recommend VSCO Filters. I started with this app as well!

You can download it for free from:

– App Store:
– Google Play:

VSCO is a really simple app that offers you a wide range of photo processing tools. You can use default filters and edit your pictures with just one click…but the real fun starts with creating your own filters. It’s really easy. You just have to upload your picture to VSCO and adjust settings (like exposure, temperature, fade etc.) as it’s shown below.

Below you will find my pick of best VSCO Filters in six styles:

  • moody filters
  • summer filters
  • brown & classy filters
  • wedding filters
  • and my favorite old school & vintage filters! 🔥

If you’re not up to edit photos by VSCO, you try using Lightroom Presets (filters). You can read more about this topic here.

Style 1: Moody Filters

Style 2: Summer filters

Style 3: Brown & classy filters

Style 4: Bright filters

Style 5. Wedding filters

Style 6: Old school & vintage filters

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